About CTE

CTC has extensive experience developing and delivering a wide range of blended learning solutions across numerous business sectors. Our history and experience stem from a business environment, which gives us great insight and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the high-paced corporate world.

“Our Vision is to become a Canadian leader in delivering professional training with measurable impact”

We aim to be a leader in training delivery across a broad range of business sectors; providing high impact training with measurable results.

We develop training to meet our clients needs and to foster growth within all levels of an organization.

Our expert trainers use a comprehensive range of delivery methods to ensure all participants are able to engage with the content.

Focus on a company’s critical training skills gap.
Empower employees to enhance their personal capabilities and career growth.
Inspire leaders, managers, and employees to take stock of their personalities and address their responsibilities with renewed vigour and force.

Before delivering any training, our subject matter experts evaluate your firm’s articulated business processes, communications issues or competencies gaps to affirm training goals are correctly stated, that inputs and outputs are measurable; and, that the resulted solution will deliver the expected corporate benefit.

This process can and has helped organizations redefine their mission and vision statements, bring clarity to their brand experience, clearly define job roles and responsibilities, and create employee incentives for increased engagement. These aspects of a business are foundational and need to be clearly articulated before any training is developed. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you to develop and refine all of these.

Our subject matter experts design and develop all of our training material. Courses are delivered through a variety of learning methods that best align to your organization’s specific needs. Throughout the training engagement, participants are regularly polled to confirm the curriculum and materials are real-world appropriate and contribute to immediate application.