Sales & Customer Service

As a salesperson, are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to doon a daily basis? You get to the end of the day, exhausted and feeling like you have not achieved nearly as much as you wanted to. It’s a constant struggle to meet the increasing demands of your customers and managers. This program will provide you with the time management disciplines and skills you need to be more effective as a sales professional. Build a powerful framework for guiding your daily activities. The program will help you identify some deeply entrenched habits you have developed over years of crisis management and how to make the necessary changes. It will help you focus your energy, be more decisive and get more return on your time investment. Most importantly it will help you takecontrol of your day, reduce you stress and increase your energy levels
  • How to build the right environment for sales success.
  • The most important things you should be doing as a sales manager
  • How to design and execute your sales strategy
  • Key management skills and actions of a successful sales manager
  • How to manage meetings, pipelines and sales forecasts
  • How to coach your salespeople to improved performance
Many people in business have not been exposed to the powerful negotiation skills, tools, tips and techniques that lie behind successful negotiating. In fact, most people negotiate on a daily basis without even knowing why they are successful or not. This makes it all the more important to fine tune your negotiation skills to succeed both in business and in your personal life. This practical Negotiation Skills course will demonstrate the best way to run a negotiation – from ice breaking to closing the deal. A highly experienced negotiator will demonstrate, step-by-step, and with the aid of case studies and practical exercises, how to apply a range of powerful negotiation techniques to ensure that you always remain in control.
  • Introducing a framework for all types of negotiation
  • Planning sufficiently for successful negotiations
  • Choosing the right style for what you want to achieve
  • Initiating effective negotiations gently
  • Using emotion and power to your advantage during the negotiation process
  • Building relationships during the negotiation process
  • Employing specialist communication techniques
  • Responding to common tactics and handling dirty tricks during negotiations
  • Defusing conflicts and breaking negotiation deadlocks
  • Concluding deals and checking that you have achieved the desired results
Customer service skills are important for growth in any organization. Without customers, most of us wouldn’t have a job. Some people have personalities that work well with most people while others have to work at developing people skills. Customer service skills are needed to successfully complete any customer interaction whether it is in person, via phone or on line. These skills are not directly measureable such as active listening, taking ownership and treating the customer with dignity and respect. The difference between a favourable and unfavourable customer experience translates into more or less revenue for the company. Ninety percent of dissatisfied customers go elsewhere!
  • Define extraordinary customer service
  • Identify what constitutes extraordinary customer service
  • Demonstrate influential communication i.e. eye contact, body language, tone of voice, listening, questioning
  • Learning how to keep cool when the customer is angry
  • Commit to some actions to put learning into practice